Canvastic 3.5.0

Student focused graphics and text publishing tool


  • Lots of templates for different age groups
  • Allows you to limit what kids can access
  • Lots of setup help


  • Interface is a bit dated
  • Can be tricky to understand at first


Canvastic labels itself as a 'Tool not a Toy' and this is because it's no ordinary drawing app. It's designed specifically with teachers of young learners in mind.

Canvastic aims to help educators create engaging lessons and classes without teachers or students getting bogged-down in technical jargon or complex illustration techniques. The program offers a number of writing, drawing, and publishing tools to create enjoyable computer lessons for all young age groups.

Canvastic adapts itself according to the age group or class type that you are aiming for. There are different templates depending on the age group you're arranging classes for, and the subject, whether it be maths, geography or science.

If a template doesn't offer what you need, you can even create your own. This includes audio integration with iTunes, allowing you to insert and record audio into classes created on Canvastic. Teachers have a wealth of editing options at their disposal but these can be removed for when kids come to using Canvastic. The appeal of Canvastic to kids will be that it looks like quite a sophisticated creative application but in reality it limits the amount of damage they can do to the program! For teachers it should make planning lessons much more fun for them aswell.

Canvastic is a unique tool for educators that hopefully should take the pain out of learning on both sides of the classroom.



Canvastic 3.5.0

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